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Premises of IGRETEC

Boulevard Mayence, 1 

6000, Charleroi


IGRETEC is an intermunicipal company, an association of communes or municipalities that decide to join forces to run a matter of municipal interest together.

IGRETEC operates in various areas of activity:

  • The economic and territorial development of the Charleroi and South Hainaut region.

  • The management of treatment and flood water evacuation structures for the above geographic area.

  • The missions undertaken by the design office specialising in the design, production and implementation of projects for public or private partners covering very varied fields: industrial or civic buildings, infrastructure, urban planning and the environment.

  • Specific missions in the field of energy for public partners such as motor control, the management of energy participations and a purchasing centre or the 1/3 investment.

  • All these activities are underpinned by support services that deploy financial, economic, administrative and legal management techniques.

​It is not the first time that we visit IGRETEC's premises on AGORADA: We were hosted by them on the 2018 edition of our main event. This year, the venue will host us for different presentations and conferences on the first day of our event.

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+32 22 87 08 32
+32 4833 78008

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