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30 years of EURADA and AGORADA

Celebrating our 30 years of history is not only an amazing occasion to celebrate and plan for our future, but also to look at the past and see how far we have come.

Since our beginnings, Agorada has been our main event. Every year, we have had the opportunity to gather our members, share ideas and best practices, and involve them in conferences, site visits, workshops... By attending, members have had the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people and associations. Since one of our core activities has always been to help our members to expand their networks and provide them with the tools to create stronger, more competent regions,  we think we have done a pretty good job.

If you wish, here you can watch the 2021 edition of Agorada, which had to be held online due to restrictions caused by the pandemic:

+32 22 87 08 32
+32 4833 78008

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