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The European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) gathers professionals working on economic development across Europe. EURADA represents development agencies before the European Union institutions.  

EURADA was created in 1992, following Christian Saublens, the founding director of the association. The structural base of what eventually constituted EURADA was built when several development agencies were implementing a territorial cooperation project funded by the European Commission. That project, which they finished before the deadline, laid the foundational stone for EURADA since, after the experience of working jointly, they thought about the possibility of maintaining cooperation through a specific association. For that matter, they decided to establish an association that would facilitate the recognition of the profession of regional development, its impact on pursuing the common interest and the possibility to become the forum for cooperation between experts on regional development to share experiences.


The association facilitates cooperation among regional economic development practitioners. They can network, plan common EU projects, cooperate, advocate, and participate at a European level. EURADA serves as an international well-established facility to connect development agencies with each other, with Europe, and with the opportunities that Europe has to offer.

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