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CNER is the French Federation of Economic Development Agencies, and this year is the co-organiser of Agorada. 2022 is a special year for them as well, since they are celebrating their 70th anniversary.

Since its creation in 1952, CNER has fulfilled a dual function of a national federation of economic development agencies and a meeting place for professionals in territorial economic development and regional planning.


The CNER brings together all the economic development agencies:

  • 22 regional or interregional agencies;

  • 50 departmental agencies;

  • 28 local agencies.

The main activities carried out by CNER consist of:

  • Represent the economic development agencies with the public authorities to help promote their actions, defend their interests and provide advice and technical support for local authorities in terms of territorial economic development.

  • Organise clubs, working groups, seminars and events for development agencies to incentive networking and the sharing of best practices.

  • Organising training sessions for people working in regional development.

  • Contribute to reflection on the economic development of territories, by celebrating:

    • The CNER meetings, where leading personalities (business leaders, intellectuals, elected officials, senior civil servants, etc.) come to present their work and activities related to the economic development of the territories.​

    • Colloquia, the organisation of colloquiums twice a year on issues of development and regional planning.

    • The annual congress, a major moment of reflection and debate on the economic development of territories, decentralisation and regional planning for nearly sixty years.

If you would like to know further about the origins of CNER, you can do so by checking their website.

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+32 4833 78008

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