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The name

To bring some perspective, the name “Agorada” comes from “agora”, a Greek concept that means “open place of assembly”. In ancient Greece, the agora was the space used to meet and discuss topics of importance to the citizenry, such as civic announcements or politics. When we decided we would host an annual event to focus on topics relevant to the field of regional development, which affect the regions and, consequently, their inhabitants, we thought that, in a way, our event was similar to the concept of “agora” in the modern era. AGORADA, then, is the agora organised by EURADA, hence why the name is a combination of the two words.

The event

AGORADA is the annual conference organised since 1992 by EURADA, the European Association of Development Agencies. Its main activities during these decades have been to facilitate the exchange of experiences, promote the recognition of development agencies and design and implement territorial development programmes, especially for SMEs.

The AGORADA conferences are the annual meeting point of regional development practitioners. They create and maintain a network of Regional Development Agencies, helping them connect and work together in activities related to their common interests. Members of EURADA get inspiration and ideas from one another by sharing best practices and successful policies to implement in their respective regions.

This year, our member IGRETEC will be a co-organiser for the activities on the 7th of JuneMoreover, the event will be also co-organised alongside the French Federation of Economic Development Agencies (CNER), which is celebrating its 70th anniversary. In France, the first economic expansion committees were created during the 1940s by local socio-economic circles, to overcome the difficult political transitions and foster reconstruction. Expansion committees multiplied after the Second World War, and in 1952 they regrouped in the National Conference of Regional Study Committees for the Development of France. The National Conference of Regional Study Committees for the Development of France held its first congress in Reims in 1952, on an emblematic and recurring theme: "Regions and spatial planning". 

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