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Welcome to the website for Agorada, the annual event organised by EURADA, the European Association of Development Agencies. This year's event was also a commemoration of our 30th anniversary as an association, as well as the anniversary of the event. We were not alone in organising the event this year: our member IGRETEC was also a co-organiser of the event. Furthermore, this year's event also counted on the French Federation of Economic Development Agencies (CNER), which is celebrating its 70th anniversary, as a co-organiser. Both our anniversary and theirs deserved a high-level event that truly stands out.

This year's hybrid event was dedicated to learning further about the future of Regional Development towards 2050. We did so by visiting different locations, and by organising a list of conferences carried out and moderated by high-level European and International speakers.

Agorada has always been a special occasion to gather our members and give them an opportunity to attend interesting conferences and get to meet each other. This year, we organised a dynamic and diverse event, split between different venues such as the A6K Engineering Centre in Charleroi or the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels. We had the greatest atmosphere and we are proud to say the activities brought great value to our attendants.

The photos of the event are now ready! You can check them here. The video and the interviews are coming soon.


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